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Clinical Research Resources

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Recruiting Patients for Clinical Studies

Web-based sites: - mostly for clinical trials of investigational new drugs - any kind of study is listed here - all RU studies are listed here.

* make sure to keep these updated and complete

* a Google search is useful to see what a patient will see when initiating a search, and might provide ideas on how to get your study more prominent placement

Local Advertising:

Patient Recruitment and Outreach Program (PROP)—run by Jane Berger (8610) and Lanie Fleischer (8415) go through them for website and RU listings will assist in creating an effective advertisement strategy, but will also help track responses, visit community groups, etc.

Miller Advertising—local free and regular papers, radio, posters, subway adverts, etc. contact Steve Levinson-account manager ( the IRB will need to approve any advertisement

Study Flyers can be placed anywhere once approved by the IRB

* focus on who is in the target population and how best to reach them

* keep track of how each form of advertising is performing, and tune as you go

Other Patient Contacts:

Disease associations

Discussion groups

*these are more focused than the larger sites

Physician Contacts:

Specialist referrals—consider speaking to physicians directly about the disease and the study, at group meetings or rounds; make regular visits to the clinics that see your target patients

Publish—especially with rare diseases, becoming known in your field, through publishing original papers and reviews, can greatly aid recruitment

Meeting presentations