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Research Groups (Laboratories)

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HeadResearch InterestsVolunteer Recruitment
Arleen D. Auerbach Fanconi Anemia, International Fanconi Anemia Registry (IFAR) Fanconi Anemia
Jan L. Breslow Genes Controlling Atherosclerosis Susceptibility Genetic Basis for Premature Coronary Heart Disease
Jon Blumenfeld    
Barry S. Coller Platelet Function, Thrombosis, Sickle Cell Disease Glanzmann Thrombasthenia and Sickle Cell Disease
Robert B. Darnell Neurooncology; Autoimmunity; Molecular Neurobiology Paraneoplastic Neurologic Disorders; Naturally Occurring Tumor Immunity Study
Madhav Dhodapkar    
Jeffrey Friedman    
Jules Hirsch Energy Metabolism; Adipose Tissue Structure and Function  
David Ho    
Attallah Kappas Porphyrin—Heme Biology  
Mary Jeanne Kreek Neurobiology and Molecular Genetics of Addictive Diseases; Endogenous Opioid System Biology of Addictive Diseases
James Krueger Laboratory for Investigative Dermatology Psoriasis Studies
Marcello Magnasco    
Martin Markowitz    
Christian Munz    
Charles Rice    
Ralph M. Steinman Antigen-presenting Cell Function Dendritic Cell Mediated Immunization Healthy Volunteers and HIV Positive Individuals
Leslie Vosshall