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Clinical Scholars Program at The Rockefeller University Hospital/CTSA

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Research Opportunities

Jan L. Breslow Atherosclerosis; Genetics of early Heart Attacks  
Jean-Laurent Casanova Genetic basis of pediatric infectious diseases  
Barry S. Coller Hemostasis; Vascular Biology; Sickle Cell Disease  
Paul Cohen Molecular basis for metabolic disease related to obesity.  
Robert B. Darnell Paraneoplastic Syndromes; Cancer Immunology  
Vincent A. Fischetti Bacterial infectious disease and the use of phage enzymes to block infection  
Jeffrey M. Friedman Obesity  
David D. Ho New Treatments for HIV Infection; AIDS  
Peter R. Holt Nutrition and Colon Cancer Prevention  
Mary Jeanne Kreek Biology of Addictive Diseases  
James G. Krueger Psoriasis  
Luciano Marraffini The exchange of genetic material among bacteria.  
Bruce S. McEwen Studies molecular mechanisms underlying effects of stress and sex hormones on the brain.  
Daniel Mucida Investigates mechanisms of immune activity and tolerance in intestinal mucosa.  
Michel C. Nussenzweig Immunodeficiencies  
Jeffrey V. Ravetch Autoimmune Diseases  
Charles M. Rice Hepatitis C virus  
Thomas P. Sakmar Signal Transduction Defects  
Sanford M. Simon Uses imaging techniques and other biophysical tools to study single events in biological systems.  
Agata Smogorzewska Uses Fanconia anemia as a backdrop to investigate DNA repair mechanisms in aging and cancer.  
Sohail Tavazoie Studies the processes of cancer metastasis.  
Thomas Tuschl Investigates gene regulatory mechanisms triggered by double-stranded RNA and RNA-binding proteins.  
Leslie B. Vosshall Investigates how odor stimuli are processed and perceived.  


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