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Ph.D. Program

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Rockefeller University offers the Ph.D. degree in the Life Sciences. Research at the University covers almost all aspects of modern biology from molecular biology to neural systems, from microbial pathogenesis to human disease genetics.

The University is strongly committed to interdisciplinary studies, including the interface between physics and biology and between chemistry and biology. Students with interests and background in physics and biology are encouraged to examine the information on the Center for Studies in Physics and Biology. Also, the Center for Biochemistry, Structural Biology and Chemistry forms a focus for chemically and biophysically oriented studies.

Ph.D. Requirements

The primary requirement for a Rockefeller Ph.D. degree is completion of a thesis comprising a coherent body of novel scientific work. In many cases, a Rockefeller student's Ph.D. work constitutes a major advance in the field of study. In addition, in consultation with a Dean and a committee of research advisors, students plan course work and tutorials to support and complement their thesis research. Additional information appears in the following pages. Should a specialized course that is essential for a student's research be unavailable at the University, she or he may arrange to enroll in a course at another institution. Students are encouraged to arrange tutorials with appropriate faculty members, if they feel the need.