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Clinical Scholars Program at The Rockefeller University Hospital/CTSA

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Presenting Scientific Images for Publication and Display

American College of Physicians. Guide to preparing for the abstract competition. Helpful advice on preparing abstract and poster presentations. Tips for the selection and preparation of visual aids for poster presentations, scientific presentations to a live audience, etc.

International Committee of Medical Journal Editors. Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals. These requirements are used by over 500 journals. There is a nice, brief discussion of figures and illustrations about midway through the document. The website also contains separate statements addressing issues other than manuscript preparation.

Information Technology: Media and Design . Describes the services offered by that department: The Department maintains a suite of the latest hardware and software packages for presentations. Photography and Digital Imaging Departments provide color or black-and-white biomedical and scientific photography, creation and output of computer-generated slides, including 72" wide, large format, 8-color posters for presentation. They work closely with the Graphics and Illustration Departments.

Vargas C. Preparing Scientific Images for Publication and Display. By the author of the chapter in Principles and Practice of Clinical Research. Contains more illustrations and examples than is included in the textbook.

Univesity of Washington, Department of Computing and Communications, Webcourse on "Graphics and Web Design based on Edward Tufte's Principles". Emphasizes graphic/video design for web-based presentations, but contains useful information based on Edward Tufte's work on the graphic presentation of complex information (see also