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Social Services

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The Social Worker assists patients with their practical and emotional concerns, locates resources, does discharge planning, and assists in recruiting study volunteers.

The objective is to maximize the therapeutic and research use of the milieu by helping investigators enroll patients in clinical studies, and by helping patients to participate in the protocols and to take optimal care of themselves.

Program Components - Social Work & Discharge Planning

  • Screening - Making sure all who need service are noted and seen
  • Psychosocial Assessment, finding Resources (including social aupports, etc.) and locating benefits (Medicaid, Medicare, Supplemental Security Income)
  • Making the referrals and Securing services
  • Outcome Check
  • Follow-up as needed

Program Components - Recruitment

  • Exploring sources of volunteers, both healthy volunteers and patients with the conditions under investigation
  • Establishing a network to maintain communication with relevant organizations and contacts, such as press and internet resources
  • Outreach to specific communities, organizations, or at large
  • Preliminary screening of prospective volunteers to rule out ineligible candidates