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Bionutrition Department

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The Rockefeller University Hospital Bionutrition Department is fully equipped to support all types of in-patient and out-patient research studies. Research Bionutritionist's design metabolic and liquid formula diets that are palatable for the participants and meet the nutritional requirements of various protocols.

Highly trained staff produces metabolic diets accurately and consistently, weighing each food item to the tenth of a gram. Participants on regular diets are able to choose their menu items daily. The kitchen staff produces high quality meals for regular, therapeutic and metabolic diets and is able to accommodate any testing schedule.

Dietitians in the Bionutrition Department provide detailed nutrient analysis and bomb calorimetry of metabolic research diets. They also assist in protocol development and implementation. The Bionutrition Department has the production capacity to support multi-unit clinical trials.

The Research Bionutritionist provides nutrition assessment and education for all participants on metabolic diets and for other participants as requested. The Bionutrition Department works closely with other members of the health care team to provide service excellence.