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Experimental Design and Biostatistics

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Wittowski, Knut

Wittkowski, Knut M.

Senior Research Associate,

apl Professor, Eberhard-Karls-University, Tuebingen

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Experimental Design and Biostatistics Support:

The Biometrician at the Center for Clinical and Translational Science provides consulting services in experimental design and biostatistics for clinical investigators. These services cover

  • formalizing the research hypothesis,
  • assessing the validity of published results,
  • identifying the specific aims to be addressed,
  • selecting primary and secondary outcome measures,
  • evaluating different strategies to address multiplicity issues,
  • discussing randomization and stratification strategies,
  • developing adequate statistical models,
  • balancing sample size vs. power,
  • preparing submissions to funding agencies and the ACCTS/IRB,
  • designing data bases to facilitate subsequent analyses,
  • implementing statistical analysis strategies,
  • visualizing multivariate data,
  • interpreting and publishing results.

Software for recently developed statistical methods for multivariate ordinal data is currently implemented to assist clinical investigators in addressing the novel challenges posed by haplotypes, epistatic interaction, and genomic pathways.

Current Research (key publications) and Future Goals:

Statistical methods for multivariate ordinal data in

  • genetics (haplotypes, epistatic interaction),
  • genomics (expression pathways),
  • safety (adverse event profiles),
  • efficacy (clinical responses, quality of life)
  • overall benefit (side effects and effectiveness)

Man-computer interfaces in clinicial research,

  • knowledge based support for clinical trials management .pdf file
  • knowledge based support for statistical analyses .pdf file

Decision support systems based on multivariate ordinal data in

  • safety monitoring of double-blinded clinical trials
  • diagnostics of complex diseases,
  • pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics

Dept. Web Page | E-Mail | Publications