Institutional Review Board

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Chairperson: Emil C. Gotschlich, MD
T: (212) 327-8157

IRB Specialist : Dale Miller, BA, CIP
T: (212) 327-8411

IRB Specialist : Lynda Mules, MLA, CIP
T: (212) 327-8410

The Rockefeller University IRB reviews the ethical suitability of all investigations in the University that involve human subjects. This includes all proposals for research as well as ongoing or long-term clinical research protocols. The IRB meets monthly to review and to approve, modify, or disapprove all research projects involving human subjects. It approves research projects based on determinations that risks to subjects are minimized; risks to subjects are reasonable in relation to anticipated benefits; selection of subjects is equitable; informed consent will be sought and appropriately documented; the data collected will be monitored to ensure the safety of subjects; and the privacy of subjects and confidentiality of data will be maintained. The IRB chairperson has signature authority for communicating IRB actions to principal investigators.

The IRB consists of members of both sexes, and includes non-scientific members and members not affiliated with anyone connected to The Rockefeller University. The IRB is administered through the Institutional Review Board Office and prepares monthly agendas, tracks protocols through each step of the review and approval process, records minutes of the IRB, and prepares reminders for renewal protocols.